“On Sunday, July 7th, 2024, upon returning from a holiday weekend, my wife and I found our home uncomfortably hot inside. A few months earlier, I had noticed a Ferrara’s Air truck installing a new unit across the street, branded with the catchy slogan "Dang its Hot," on a Sunday no less. After finding their contact information online, I called and James R., the technician, promptly responded. He conducted a thorough inspection of our A/C unit, which unfortunately revealed a ruptured compressor due to a lack of refrigerant.

Hoping to avoid replacing the entire unit, Vanessa F., one of the owners, explored options for a compatible compressor. However, it turned out to be more economical to opt for a new unit that would better suit our needs. Tony F., the owner, assisted in finding the right unit, and Vanessa F. arranged excellent financing terms for us. Throughout this uncomfortable situation, every member of the Ferrara’s team demonstrated exceptional courtesy and professionalism.

On Tuesday, Ferrara’s Air installed the new unit, restoring comfort to our home, allowing us to sleep soundly once again.

Thank you, Ferrara’s, for your outstanding service.

Dave Roberts”

– Dave R.