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Air handler service.

Handling air is no light task. Air handlers are the unspoken heroes, doing the grunt work to keep your home comfortable.

An air handler is used to regulate and circulate air as part of a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system It works with your air conditioner to make your home more comfortable.

These units work to regulate the temperature of the air before sending it through various ducts in your ventilation system. As the air moves through the handler, it passes through a filter to trap dirt and debris before circulating throughout your ductwork. By catching and eliminating pollutants before the air passes through the ducts, your AC will perform more efficiently, and you will enjoy higher quality air in your home.

Our Lighthouse Point, FL, cooling specialists at Ferrara’s Air are on call waiting to answer your questions about air handlers. We supplement our years of ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) experience by keeping up to date on all the latest innovations and trends.

Air Handler Installation or Replacement

As a rule of thumb, properly maintained air handlers last around 10-12 years.

To see if you’re ready for a new system, consult with one of our friendly technicians. We’ll help you make the right call—whether additional repairs are worth the cost or if it’s time for your current air handler unit to retire.

We’re pleased to bring the latest technology to your household. We know there’s never a universal solution. That’s why before we start any job, we’ll take the proper measurements to find an air handling unit that fits your home comfortably like a new sweater.

We always provide our customers with a free and honest assessment and an upfront price tag. That way, you’ll know what to expect—no hidden surprises. We want you to be pleased with the result.

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Be sure to ask about our convenient financing options that make it manageable for you to create a healthy home.

Air Handler Repairs

Does something feel off? Are you hotter or colder than usual? Are strange clanking-like noises keeping you up at night? Your air handler might be the culprit.

Our team of trusted specialists can help you out. We regularly troubleshoot faulty air handlers and heat pumps. We can get your heating and cooling system working in no time.

Remember, if you think your air handler may be broken or operating at a reduced capacity, call us right away to get it fixed. Smaller issues can grow into larger ones, leading to breakdowns that require a whole new system.

We regularly train and stay informed on HVAC products, new and old. Even if we didn’t install your air handler, we know how to fix it.

Plus, we offer 24/7 emergency response services to be there right when you need us.

Schedule a repair online today, and we can diagnose and repair your air handler to keep you comfortable throughout the year.

Air Handler Maintenance

Neglected air handlers become a haven for allergens. Over time, bacteria and mold build up in the unit’s drain, impacting the air you breathe and potentially damaging equipment.

Air filters can also become a magnet for dust and pollen. Clogged air filters can potentially cut off airflow, reducing your unit’s capabilities

Did you know regularly scheduled maintenance can potentially slash your energy bills by as much as 30 percent? Plus, maintenance visits allow for our specialists to catch problems that may not become visible until it’s too late.

Schedule maintenance online today, or start a maintenance plan with us. When it’s time for your checkup, we’ll send you a reminder. Let us help you get the most out of your air handler and save on your utility bills!

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