Carrier is the world leader in high-technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions, with a history of more than 100 years of proven innovation. Carrier’s units solve problems on a global level, and with innovations drive new industries. It is why our products and services are trusted in every corner of the world – and why you can feel good about trusting us in your corner of it.

Willis Carrier invented the first air conditioning system, and then went on to found Carrier Engineering Corporation in 1915. United Technologies Corporation acquired Carrier in 1979.

Today, Carrier’s manufacturing processes are spread across six continents, and include 67 production plants and research facilities in North America, Latin America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region. The company reportedly employs more than 66,000 people worldwide.

Carrier has sold several of its HVAC brands in the past few years. In 2010 it sold oil heating equipment manufacturer Dettson to the Ouellet Group.

Ferrara’s Air, Inc. is the best air conditioning contractor in South Florida. They have a great selection of air conditioners to supply their customers with. The top brands Ferrara carries are the best in the industry and Carrier is defiantly one of them. 
Here is how Ferrara’s Air Keeps Your Home Cool 
From scorching heat to stifling humidity, summer weather extremes can make the outside world rather uncomfortable. However, in your home, Ferrara’s Air, Inc. contains Carrier cooling units to ensure that you’re never at the mercy of the weather forecast.
Indoor comfort is a product of technologies that control temperature, humidity, and air quality. Through innovations like Infinity system, the Carrier unit’s places complete control at your fingertips, helping you maintain precise conditions – even when it’s blistering outdoors.And to create comfort that’s right for everyone, some Carrier unit’s technology even allows you to manage conditions independently in up to 8 zones of your home. This ensures ideal comfort for varying environments such as the kitchen, living room and bedrooms, and for the individual preferences of you and your family members.At Ferrara’s, we take a healthy approach to home comfort, which means temperature and humidity management go hand-in-hand with the carrier’s Infinity system controls. And indoor air quality goes beyond filtration to killing germs. We offer air purification solutions that can kill or inactivate up to 99 percent of everything they capture – including mold, allergens, and tiny pathogens that cause the flu and common cold.We at Ferrara’s Air are also committed to helping customers maintain a healthy bottom line when it comes to energy bills.

And, because comfort should be felt, not heard, Carrier’s units has innovations that have led to some of the quietest home comfort products available. Outdoor units with variable-speed or 2-stage technology are designed to minimize sound.

Just as cultures and climates vary, no two homes around the world are exactly alike. That’s why Ferrara’s Air, Inc. offers different types of air-conditioning systems to meet your needs. So whether it’s an air conditioner, programmable Thermostats, or even a permanent Bo Air Filters, you can count on the installation and service expertise of independent Carrier contractors to help you select and maintain the right solution for your ideal comfort.


Life can be unpredictable. So when you’re home, your sense of comfort and relaxation should be just how you want it to be. Carrier’s units helps millions of people take control of home comfort with innovative solutions ranging from central air conditioners to air quality products.


Even with products as reliable and efficient as Carrier’s, proper installation is critical to keeping you comfortable. Ferrara’s Air, Inc. works with you before installation to custom design a solution that will meet the unique needs of your home – regardless of style, layout or size. And beyond installation, you can count on Ferrara’s experts to be there to keep your system running at peak performance.


So, give Ferrara’s Air, Inc a call at 954-914-9000. They are excited to work for you.


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