Is Old Age Catching Up with Your Air Conditioner?

Is it possihourglassble? Are we starting to see signs of fall weather in South Florida? I don’t know about you but I have enjoyed the resent cooler temperatures in the evening. It has been a nice break from the blistering heat we have experienced all summer.

The fall season is a perfect time to set aside a few minutes to assess your air conditioner. Is your air conditioner over 10 years old? If so, you may have started to notice some changes in its effectiveness. Here are three tell-tale signs that your AC may be wearing out.

Increased Humidity
One way to tell if your system is working is by how well it cools and dehumidifies your home. The evaporator coil works to remove heat and humidity from the indoor air, exchanging hot air through the refrigeration process, plus condensing water vapor from the air. This collected moisture drains outdoors. If you notice increased humidity in your home and your home doesn’t feel as cool as it used to, it could mean the evaporator coil is not doing its job. This is likely the result of a worn and aged coil, so it may be time to upgrade your unit.

High Energy Bills
If you notice a gradual increase in your utility bills, that may mean your AC is no longer running efficiently. As the unit ages, the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) will not be the same as when you first bought it. The SEER number refers to how efficiently your AC is running, and as it ages, the effectiveness decreases. The harder it has to work to cool your home, the more you will have to pay. Consider upgrading to a new high-efficiency air conditioning unit with a higher SEER to save money on your energy bills.

Old Age
As a general rule, most air conditioning units have a lifespan of 10–15 years. After this time frame, repairing your old unit may no longer be worthwhile, and it is time for a new one. Your unit will begin to break down more often and decrease in efficiency, causing you to spend more all around. It’s helpful to schedule annual preventative maintenance tune-ups to extend your AC’s life.

If you are unsure about whether your AC just needs repair or is in need of a replacement, Ferrara’s Air, Inc. can help you decide. Recognizing symptoms and signs, however, can give you more knowledge and will save you from further damage and higher repair costs. We know you don’t want to replace your air conditioner just like that, but we also don’t want you to feel stuck in an oven while paying high for your electricity bills.